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Shougai Yakusha, Chapter 1 part 2

And so, it continues!! Sorry for the long wait! I'm now settled in my new apartment and ready to get down to business! =^-^=

*If you like it, please consider buying the original, and leaving comments! =^-^=

“Shougai Yakusha ~ Hashirenakutemo, serifu wo wasuretemo~”
“Handicapped Actor ~ Even if I can't run, even if I forget my lines~”

by Kotarou Yanagi

*The previous part is here: http://community.livejournal.com/yakubun/941.html

So different from the usual stations that I use, Kasukabe and Minami-koshigaya, the arrival platform seemed to stretch on forever, with countless people going to and fro, getting on and off.

I wandered about on the platform and saw people lining up for the stairs. I was sure there was more than one exit, but decided to take this one for the moment. At the bottom there were identical passages before me and people rushing to and fro.

I caught sight of the station map on the wall and ran over to it. Surely I'd be able to use that to get where I wanted to go.

But, as a kid who was raised abroad and couldn't read kanji very well, I soon gave up on conquering the kanji-ridden map and just headed in what seemed to be more-or-less the right direction.

But what I thought would just be a single passage right away crossed with another.

Which way..? Hmm, this way!

It took 20 minutes to find the exit, and had been 15 minutes since I'd exited, while I was wandering around outside of the station lost.

In the height of things, fast-walking businessmen and chattering schoolkids were bumping into me. I was at the height of my patience.

“There's no way there's anything like tennis in Shinjuku!!”

What they'd wanted me to go to was the audition to choose the cast for the musical version of the “Prince of Tennis.” I was eventually chosen for the role of the hero, Echizen Ryoma.

It seemed that it was pretty popular with girls in middle and high school, but I didn't read manga so I didn't really know anything about it's existence.

“I mean, why a prince if this is a story about tennis!”

I'd come all this way, but everything about it was pissing me off.

I give up, I'm just going home.

Right at the moment that I thought that, I saw two young stylish guys cross the road in front of me. It was instinct.

“These guys are definitely headed for the audition! I'll follow them!”

And I followed them and ended up an front of the audition center. However, at the moment I entered, an unbelievable spectacle leapt up before me.

A huge number of young stylish guys.

On the opposite side, a bunch of adults that looked like judges. One by one they were calling the young guys up to sit in a chair before them and asking them questions and to perform this or that for them.

I wasn't close enough to hear what they would ask me before I would get up there, but they had told me before I came to wear clothes that would be easy to move in.

I'd figured that my usual street hip-hop clothes would be good enough, so I'd come in them, but most of the guys had brought along changes of clothes and were changing into jerseys in the hall. That I'd come in what was already comfortable for me made me feel like I stood out as the one guy who'd forgotten his change of clothes.

Guys were called up one by one in front of the judges, each flexing his muscles and saying the proper greetings, trying our best to appeal to them.

Pasting smiles to their faces and responding energetically to everything that they were asked to do, everyone gave the best responses they could.

“Alright, please read this,” the judges would say to a few.

Those people would reply, “I understand!” and stand up and read the lines written on the paper they received.

They put their whole heart into what they read.

Right now, I'm being compared to these guys....

I was a cool guy in a room full of other cool guys. When I realized that, it was really hard to take things lightly anymore. I started berating them in my head.

“Your voice is too high!”

“Hey hey, you'd do just about anything to get this job, wouldn't you?”

“That fake smile of your is really gross!”

When I thought those kinds of things, I was able to set myself apart from the crowd, and forget about my sudden inferiority complex.

Finally, my name was called and I sat down in front of the judges.

As I faced the judges, I was overcome with the desire to show that I was different from all of the guys that had come before me.


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Sep. 13th, 2010 12:22 pm (UTC)
LOL, so we're all waiting to see what happens next together, ne~

Yea, he's all ready to beat the other guys in how talented,etc he is~~ (so cute~~) Go 'Nagi~~
Kanji can be a b*tch... I know this from song translations, but translating this must be harder as you can't hear how it's said...


Hicchan's translations =^-^=

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